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9 to 5 Mac

"This is probably the nicest MacBook docking solution around with mini Display Port and USB access, rubberized cradle, and a clip to secure your MagSafe cable."


"The original Henge Dock was a fantastic way to use a MacBook or MacBook Pro as a desktop machine" AND "The new MacBook Air dock follows this same basic design, but with a few stylistic changes for simpler function and design."

Laptop Magazine

"Adding to a good-looking line of docking stations, Henge Docks announced a similar solution for the 11-and 13-inch versions of the Apple MacBook Air at CES 2012. "

Trusted Reviews

"The Henge Docks range are specially made for docking your MacBooks and give you instant connection to all your peripherals and, because they dock vertically, they save space too."

Pure Mobile

"As with any beta or prototype, the feedback from both the CES show floor and the online forums are bound to help perfect and shape the peripheral device into the best desktop docking station for the money."


"If you have a laptop system, you might be familiar with the frustrations that can be involved with using it in a desktop environment where you might need to clear a space on your desk to set it up, or have it sit awkwardly to the side while you connect a keyboard, mouse, an adapter for an external display, and other peripherals."


"If Apple products are all about a clean, functional style, Henge Docks has picked up that theme and produced a dock to match."

Paul Stamatiou

"Not just a glorified vertical stand for Apple notebooks, oh no. It's the first real docking station solution for Macs and it's brilliant."

Accessory Spotter

"The Gravitas’ all-metal construction and a mass of nearly one kilogram, grants remarkable stability."


"It may be a good solution for those looking to dock an Air and save space at a pretty reasonable price."


"The Docking Station [is] a great accessory for the living room - plug it into a TV that supports HDMI or DisplayPort connections and you can use your MacBook as a first-class gaming or home-theater device."


"It's a beautiful thing, because the dock looks aluminum, but just stays then when you lift your device up." AND "Henge makes some useful, nicely designed gear."